Traditional fans are often unable to meet the demands of industrial businesses. As a result, manufacturers have developed much more powerful industrial fans that will get the job done.

What is an Industrial Fan

An industrial fan does not refer to a specific type of fan. Instead, it refers simply to any fan that is heavy enough to generate a lot of air flow for industrial applications. Some industrial fans are called blowers. These are fans where resistance is on the downstream part of the fan.

The Gauge

The metal is often of a higher gauge. The gauge is a measurement of how thick and sturdy the metal is. Also, some industrial fans are made out of polypro.

Industrial Fan Bearings

There are more bearings with increased bearing life. Bearings are elements of a machine that are designed to minimize friction between moving parts. The more bearings, the better the fan is able to resist friction.

Heat and Corrosion Resistance

The fans are designed to resist higher temperatures. This allows for the fans to be used under conditions that have very high temperatures. They are also designed to resist corrosion. As with greater heat resistance being able to resist corrosion allows for the fans to be used in a broader range of situations.

The Role of Industrial Fans

Industrial fans are used to blow large quantities of air. They serve several purposes, including combustion, ventilation, drying, exhaust and air cleaning. Large-scale combustion requires that large quantities of oxygen be circulated into the engine. Also, combustion processes often require that exhaust be removed at a rapid rate.

Under circumstances where there is naturally a lot of moisture that must be removed, industrial fans are used for drying. For example, if a stage of the manufacturing process of a product requires a component to be dried out rapidly, this could be brought about by industrial fans. Industrial fans are used to air out large warehouses. This is useful under specific situations such as when the warehouses are used to store chemicals that can produce fumes.

Electrical power generation plants use industrial fans. They are also used by food processing plants, cement companies, mining and cryogenics. Ventilation is essential in mining because workers are often exposed to large quantities of gases and dust particulates. Also, industrial fans are used for cooling within a mine.