Choosing The Right Roofing Material For Your Detached Garage

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When you are working on your spring and summer home improvement projects, there are many projects that you may find yourself taking on. If one of them is repairs and upgrades to the detached garage for your home, then you may be trying to figure out what to do about the roof on that detached garage. The material you choose for your detached garage roof can make a major difference in the durability, style, and functionality of your detached garage. Get to know some of the best roofing material options available to you for your detached garage so that you can get started on your project as soon as possible.

Sheet Metal Roofing

One of the roofing material options available to you for your detached garage is sheet metal roofing. Metal roofing is an excellent choice for your detached garage for a variety of reasons. For starters, metal is an extremely durable and strong roofing material.

Unlike other roofing materials, metal roofs are smoother and slicker so that snow and other debris does not easily stick to it. This means it will not have to hold as much weight throughout the year, preventing cave-ins and other problems. Metal roofs are also often resistant to hail damage and denting or cracks due to debris.

On the other hand, sheet metal roofs are a bit on the noisy side. You also need to be sure that you properly ground your detached garage to prevent damage and fires from possible lightning strikes.

Recycled Rubber Roofing

One of the most environmentally-friendly roofing materials that you could choose for your detached garage is recycled rubber roofing. Rubber roofing is a relatively new roofing material and is made primarily from used and recycled rubber automobile tires. 

This type of roof is extremely durable and provides some of the best insulation a roofing material can provide. Ribber roofing will absorb thermal energy from the sun but will not transfer it to the interior of your detached garage.

The only caveat is that recycled rubber roofing is a roofing material that is quite heavy. This means you may need to reinforce your roof in order to accommodate the weight of the rubber roofing.

Now that you know more about a few of the roofing materials that may be best for your detached garage, you can better plan for your detached garage remodeling project. The sooner you make your roofing material choice, the faster you can get started and have your home looking fabulous. Contact a sheet metal distributor for more information.

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Spring Cleaning For Your Home’s Plumbing System

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As you are spring cleaning your home this year, there is one part of your home that you probably haven’t given any thought to cleaning – the plumbing system. Wiping down the walls, cleaning the carpets and organizing your closets are all important to maintaining your home, but cleaning your plumbing system is even more so. Here, you will learn how to take care of the plumbing system that you rely on each day to serve your home with the water and waste removal needed.

Drain Cleaning

Your drains need attention long before they get clogged up and cause emergency plumbing problems. Instead of waiting for the day that the sinks won’t drain and the sewage begins backing up into your showers, add the drain cleaning to your spring cleaning routine.

Natural drain cleaning solutions can be made using nothing more than baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Pour some baking soda down each drain and then add some hydrogen peroxide. As the two substances meet, they will cause a reaction that will clean the grease, hairballs and other debris in the drain. After fifteen or twenty minutes have passed, run some hot water down the drains to rinse the residue away.

Flushing the Hot Water Tank

Flushing your hot water tank will help to extend its life and maintain the volume of hot water that you are accustomed to.

To flush the hot water tank, connect a hose to the valve at the base of the unit. Run the hose outside away from your house where it can drain without running into the foundation. Turn off the water intake and open the drain valve and let the water drain out of the tank. When the water stops coming out of the hose, return to the inlet valve and turn it back on. Let the water run for a bit to wash the sediment out of the bottom of the tank.

Close the drain valve and let the tank refill. Give it some time to heat the water up and you are good to go.

Releasing Trapped Air

Over time, air will become trapped in your water pipes. When this happens, the inside of the pipes can begin to corrode and you could begin to hear the hammer noise when you turn water on inside the home.

To eliminate this problem, release the trapped air from the water lines each year. Do this by turning off the water main and opening the valve at the lowest point of your home. Let the water run for twenty minutes or so or until it stops coming out of the fixture. Go to the rest of the fixtures in the home and turn them on.

Return to the water main and restore water flow to the home. Go around and close the fixtures ending with the one that you had started with.

If you don’t feel confident in your ability to perform these basic plumbing tasks, contact your local plumber for assistance, such as those at Langley Plumbing. He or she will be able to give your system a spring cleaning and keep you going for the next year.

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Creating An Emotional Connection With Graphic Design

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Human beings tend to be visual creatures. Your business can capitalize on this fact by using graphic images to evoke a desired emotion within your customer base.

Graphics play a powerful role in helping to drive the decision-making process that leads to sales, so knowing how emotion and graphics are connected will help you better design your graphics in the future.

1. Graphics that evoke joy or sadness can be used to promote word-of-mouth advertising.

Promoting your products or services can be costly, so taking advantage of word-of-mouth advertising is always beneficial. This type of advertising can also be very effective, since a consumer is more likely to trust a recommendation coming from a friend or family member.

If you want to get consumers to share your marketing message, you need to incorporate graphics that evoke feelings of either joy or sadness. Both joy and sadness trigger an empathetic reaction in the viewer, which can increase the desire to share your graphic.

Using colors like yellow (which is linked to happiness) or blue (which is linked to sadness) can help you trigger the emotional response needed to promote word-of-mouth advertising.

2. Incorporate visual cues into your graphic design.

Designing a stunning graphic that promotes action requires more than just an aesthetically pleasing image. You need to take the time to carefully consider how you can incorporate visual cues into your graphic design to evoke the desired emotional response.

One visual cue that is often overlooked during the design process is texture. While a consumer may not be able to actually feel the textures you include in your graphic designs, merely seeing these textures can create an emotional response. Soft textures like those of feathers, blankets, or lush grass can evoke feelings of tranquility and peace. Including textures like those of brick, glass, or leather in your graphic design can elicit a more excitable emotional response.

Understanding how texture can serve as a visual cue to help consumers emotionally connect with an image will allow you to make your graphics more effective in the future.

3. Be sure that your graphics have a consistent tone.

The tone of your graphics can do a lot in helping to determine what type of emotional response a consumer will have to your design. Tone should be one of the first things you discuss when beginning the design process.

If you want your readers to feel a sense of familiarity, set the tone by using easily recognizable shapes and landmarks in your graphic design. If you want to promote a sense of adventure, bold images of popular destinations can be beneficial.

Identifying the right tone will help your graphic designs more effectively connect with consumers on an emotional level.

Graphics can help promote your business by creating an emotional connection with consumers. Be sure that you are actively using this emotional connection to your advantage when planning any graphic design project with a company like Alberta Graphic and Tinting Graphics.

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Who Knew Shower Doors Could Be So Fun? Tips For Making Showers A Treat For Your Kids

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Sometimes toddlers and young children look at bath or shower time as a chore. However, with a little creativity and a few household items, you can make shower time lots of fun. Here are some ways to turn shower time into fun time by making the inside of the shower doors an artist canvas during shower time.

Shaving Cream

Grab a can of dad’s shaving cream and you and your young one can spray it on the inside of the shower door. Use your fingers to create designs or to create 3D sculptures. Just make sure the child keeps the shaving cream away from their eyes and mouth and it will wash off easily from the shower doors when the fun is done.

Washable Finger Paints

When it’s time to hit the shower, add a few dollops of washable finger paints in some plastic containers. Set the containers in the tub where the child can reach down and put some on their fingers, and let them paint away on the inside of the shower doors to their heart’s content! You can let them use clean sponge brushes to cover large areas of their “canvas”.

When they are done painting, let them wash up (easily done, since they are already in the shower) and simply rinse off the doors and the inside of the tub.

Washable Markers

There are certain types of markers that really do wash off just about any surface. These markers can be a powerhouse of artistic fun in the shower, and you won’t have to worry about them staining the grout or tile in your shower. These can be especially great for kids that are just learning to write their numbers or letters.

Not only can you turn hated bath time into play time, but with these markers you can also turn it into an educational opportunity while keeping it super fun!

If Extra Cleanup Is Needed

On the off chance that scrubbing with soap isn’t enough to remove any paint from your child after their shower door fun, you can easily remove just about any type of paint from their skin with a little bit of baby oil or mineral oil.

The same can be used for any leftover paint residue in your shower or tub, and if baby oil won’t suffice, tile and tub cleaners can remove the residue with no problem.

These are some great ways to make bath time extra fun. If you would like glass shower doors to make bath time more fun for your little ones, look into getting custom glass by Superior Glass & Mirror or another local bathroom remodel company.

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Comparing Fiberglass And Cellulose Insulation

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Fiberglass and cellulose are the two most common types of insulation available on the market. They both provide the same function, and work to maintain the temperature inside of your home. However, because of their material differences, they each provide a distinct set of advantages and disadvantages. Understanding what each type of insulation has to offer can help you choose the one that best fits the needs of your home.

Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass insulation is available in batts, which are large rolls that are pre-cut. This makes fiberglass extremely easy to install, and most homeowners with some sort of home improvement knowledge can install it themselves. This can help reduce installation costs, saving you money. Additionally, fiberglass insulation is extremely lightweight, which not only makes the installation process easier, but also means that it can be installed almost anywhere, as support considerations do not need to be taken into account.

However, fiberglass insulation has a number of drawbacks. It is flammable, which can be a safety hazard in the case of a fire, and does not hold up well to extremely low temperatures. It will not retain heat well below a certain temperature (check your specific brand of insulation to see the recommended temperatures). Finally, fiberglass insulation also does not impede air flow, which means that drafts can still occur even with heavy insulation.

Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose insulation tends to be slightly denser than fiberglass insulation (check the specific R-value or insulating value of your insulation: higher numbers are better) which translates into slightly better heat retention. It also means that cellulose insulation is better at reducing the amount of exterior noise that seeps into your home, an important consideration, especially if you live near a major transportation route. Additionally, cellulose insulation performs better in low temperature situations, though again you should check with the brand of insulation to see specific numbers.

However, because cellulose insulation is installed through a blower instead of batts, it can take longer to install, and it is recommended that a contractor complete the process to reduce the likelihood of an improper installation. Additionally, cellulose insulation is heavier than fiberglass insulation, which means that you must check the structural strength of the area of your home that you are installing the insulation in to prevent a collapse or damage. Finally, the installation process creates a large amount of fine dust, which can spread throughout your home and be a health hazard if not properly cleaned up. To find out more about insulation, contact a company like B & B Cowie Insulation Ltd.

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Two Custom Home Building Tips

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For many people, building a dream home is a once in a lifetime investment. Not surprisingly, the process of planning and executing these projects can seem somewhat overwhelming to many people. If this is a project that you are considering undertaking, it should be noted that there are a couple of tips that you can follow to make sure that this investment and building project goes as smoothly as possible.

Buy Property That Has Existing Infrastructure

It is common for people to want to put their new home in the perfect location. As a result, it is a common choice for people to purchase property that may not have ever been developed before or that is located in a remote area. While this may seem like an ideal setting, it can significantly increase the cost and time needed to complete your building project.

To minimize these complications, you should always consider investing in real estate that has existing infrastructure for the utilities that your home will need. By buying property that already has access to water, power and gas connections, you can drastically lower the difficulty of your project.

Invest In Low Maintenance Materials For The Home

Some people will want to keep the cost of their home as low as possible. While this is an understandable concern, it should be noted that it can cause some problems if you go too far. In an attempt to save money, it is common for people to invest in lower cost materials that have higher maintenance needs. For example, wood is often used for its low cost, but it can actually result in higher ownership costs because it will need to be painted and protected against weather and insect damage.

Sadly, you may not understand the maintenance needs of the various materials you are wanting to use in the home. Luckily, your designer will be able to provide you with this guidance, and you should make sure that you discuss the need for low maintenance materials in the home. While this will cost marginally more to build the home, it can drastically lower the cost of owning it.

Having a custom home built is a major undertaking for anyone to start, but it does not have to be a completely overwhelming experience. If you make it a point to build on real estate that has existing utility lines in place and choosing low maintenance materials for the house, you can help ensure that some of the more routine issues with home construction are mitigated. For more information on custom home building, check out a company like Don Field & Sons Construction Ltd.

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