Sometimes toddlers and young children look at bath or shower time as a chore. However, with a little creativity and a few household items, you can make shower time lots of fun. Here are some ways to turn shower time into fun time by making the inside of the shower doors an artist canvas during shower time.

Shaving Cream

Grab a can of dad’s shaving cream and you and your young one can spray it on the inside of the shower door. Use your fingers to create designs or to create 3D sculptures. Just make sure the child keeps the shaving cream away from their eyes and mouth and it will wash off easily from the shower doors when the fun is done.

Washable Finger Paints

When it’s time to hit the shower, add a few dollops of washable finger paints in some plastic containers. Set the containers in the tub where the child can reach down and put some on their fingers, and let them paint away on the inside of the shower doors to their heart’s content! You can let them use clean sponge brushes to cover large areas of their “canvas”.

When they are done painting, let them wash up (easily done, since they are already in the shower) and simply rinse off the doors and the inside of the tub.

Washable Markers

There are certain types of markers that really do wash off just about any surface. These markers can be a powerhouse of artistic fun in the shower, and you won’t have to worry about them staining the grout or tile in your shower. These can be especially great for kids that are just learning to write their numbers or letters.

Not only can you turn hated bath time into play time, but with these markers you can also turn it into an educational opportunity while keeping it super fun!

If Extra Cleanup Is Needed

On the off chance that scrubbing with soap isn’t enough to remove any paint from your child after their shower door fun, you can easily remove just about any type of paint from their skin with a little bit of baby oil or mineral oil.

The same can be used for any leftover paint residue in your shower or tub, and if baby oil won’t suffice, tile and tub cleaners can remove the residue with no problem.

These are some great ways to make bath time extra fun. If you would like glass shower doors to make bath time more fun for your little ones, look into getting custom glass by Superior Glass & Mirror or another local bathroom remodel company.