When you use a well for your water supply, it is easy to forget about it as long as you have no problems with your water. However, when temperatures drop, you may experience a few things that you need to take care of in order to keep water flowing inside your house. Here are two things to watch out for.

Weak Water Pressure 

Low or weak water pressure can mean that one or more of your pipes has frozen water inside and is preventing proper water flow. This can be inconvenient for your family, but it can also destroy your well pump. The pump may overheat and warp as a result of pressure in the system. That’s why you have to turn off power to the pump if you’ve got a frozen pipe.

You’ll need to warm the pipes if they have managed to freeze. Small heaters and blow dryers might be enough to do the job. To test whether your attempts at warming the pipes are working, turn the pump on and check whether water pressure has improved. 

To prevent frozen pipes altogether, wrap them with pre-cut foam sleeves or insulation tape. It is also a good idea to let water trickle out of the faucets to keep water flowing from the well pump into your home instead of freezing.

No Water from Any Faucet

If you don’t get any water at all from any faucet, the well pump may be the reason why. If you look at it, you might see cracks on the pump and it may still be humming as if it is working.

You may not realize this, but your well pump may actually freeze when the temperature drops, because it is always full of water. The pump might expand and crack if the water inside has frozen, in which case you may need to replace it. However, if you are monitoring it on a regular basis, you can disconnect power to the pump if you suspect water is freezing and wait for the pump to thaw out.

To keep this problem from happening, make an effort to keep the air surrounding your pump as warm as possible at all times. For example, you might build a small house for your well and put a ceramic heater with a thermostat control in there to keep the air warm enough for your pump to work well.

Use the information laid out here to help you avoid well problems during winter. To be more confident that your well and well pump are in good condition, consult a well drilling contractor such as Field Drilling Contractors Ltd who can assess your equipment and make any repairs.