If you are having new windows installed in your home, some designs have few custom features. This is often the case with vinyl and metal replacement windows that have nail flanges to install the windows. This does not mean that your windows cannot have the custom look you want. By adding trim to the siding, you can give your windows a unique appearance. Here are some things that can be done to give windows and doors a custom look with siding trim:

1. Leaving Room For Additional Trim When Windows Are Installed

If you have siding on your home, it is likely installed right up against the window openings. It needs to have enough space to allow for new trim. To allow space for trim, the siding can be cut back a few inches. When installing new siding, the pieces can be cut for trim or the window trim can be installed before the siding.

2. Adding Simple Wood Window Casing Around Vinyl Windows

Simple wood casing can be a good addition to the windows. This trim is just attached to your home to provide a more detailed look for windows. The case moldings can be fastened over the nail flanges on the windows. When this is done, you may also want to add a bead of caulking in between the trim and the edges of the window.

3. Building Window Seals With Ledges For Additional Details

Building window seals with ledges may be another detail that you want to add to windows. For a small window seal, the trim can just be fastened with nails. If you are going to have a larger window seal to put things like plants on, have it fastened with carriage bolts to add strength to support any weight.

4. Giving Windows More Detail With Wider Decorative Trim

Windows can also have more detail with wide and decorative trim. This can be done by adding a plain wide frieze and then installing decorative details over the frieze. Adding trim details like this can be great if you also have features like wide window seals. It will give your windows more of an authentic, custom look.

These are some of the ways you can add a custom look to new windows. If you need help with the installation of windows and adding custom features, contact a siding contractor to get the help you need giving your home a custom look. Simpson Windows and Doors installs siding and more.