When you talk with fencing companies about options for your yard, you might think about chain link fencing or traditional wooden pickets. However, if those options don’t suit your fancy, one option you may have forgotten to consider is a lattice fence. Although a lattice fence isn’t always the best option, there are many situations in which it can be a great choice. These are a few signs that this is a fencing option that you should consider for your own property.

1. You Like Gardening

If you are someone who likes flowers and plants, then you might love the joys of a lattice fence. The style of a lattice fence is perfect for gardening fans because climbing plants love lattice. You can plant your tomatoes alongside the fence to allow them to easily climb, or you can allow your rose bushes to climb upward. Vines and other climbing plants also do well on lattice fences with a little bit of encouragement, such as tying them to the fence to get them started. This is a great way to grow plants that you might not have been able to grow otherwise if you have a small yard.

2. You Want Privacy

You have probably already noticed that chain link fences and many wooden fences that are made of pickets make it easy for others to see into your yard. You might have thought about investing in a privacy fence, but privacy fences are taller, more expensive, and make it impossible for you to see what is outside of your yard. While chain-link fences can be installed with plastic privacy slats, they aren’t as aesthetically pleasing.

A lattice fence is a great in-between; its design will provide you with a little more privacy, but it will be easier for you to be able to see the rest of your neighborhood.

3. You Want a Decorative Fence

Lattice fences often come in cedar, birch, and redwood. These woods are perfect for painting and staining. While not as eco-friendly, you can even get lattice fences in vinyl. If you are looking for something attractive that will decorate your yard, a lattice fence could be the perfect option, especially once you look at all of your choices and choose one that matches the decor that you want.

As you can see, a lattice fence can be the perfect option for many yards. If one of these three things applies to you, now is the time to talk to someone from a local fencing company about this choice.